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See Jinja custom filters documentation .

A list of tuples containing the logging level (up to warning ) and the message to be ignored.

A dictionary of file extensions / Reader classes for Pelican to process or ignore.

For example, to avoid processing .html files, set:

To add a custom reader for the foo extension, set:

A list of glob patterns. Files and directories matching any of these patterns will be ignored by the processor. For example, the default ['.#*'] will ignore emacs lock files, and ['__pycache__'] would ignore Python 3’s bytecode caches.

Extra configuration settings for the Markdown processor. Refer to the Python Markdown documentation’s Options section for a complete list of supported options. The extensions option will be automatically computed from the extension_configs option.

Defaults to:


The dictionary defined in your settings file will update this default one.

Where to output the generated files.

Path to content directory to be processed by Pelican. If undefined, and content path is not specified via an argument to the pelican command, Pelican will use the current working directory.

A list of directories and files to look at for pages, relative to PATH .

A list of directories to exclude when looking for pages in addition to ARTICLE_PATHS .

A list of directories and files to look at for articles, relative to PATH .

A list of directories to exclude when looking for articles in addition to PAGE_PATHS .

Set to True if you want to copy the articles and pages in their original format (e.g. Markdown or reStructuredText) to the specified OUTPUT_PATH .

Controls the extension that will be used by the SourcesGenerator. Defaults to .text . If not a valid string the default value will be used.

The list of plugins to load. See oreham loafers Churchs 5MGKOiCrD

A list of directories where to look for plugins. See rappers delight sneakers Dsquared2 J1twPeo

Your site name

Base URL of your website. Not defined by default, so it is best to specify your SITEURL; if you do not, feeds will not be generated with properly-formed URLs. You should include http:// and your domain, with no trailing slash at the end. Example: SITEURL = ''

A list of directories (relative to PATH ) in which to look for static files. Such files will be copied to the output directory without modification. Articles, pages, and other content source files will normally be skipped, so it is safe for a directory to appear both here and in PAGE_PATHS or ARTICLE_PATHS . Pelican’s default settings include the “images” directory here.

A B12 of 160 is absolutely not “satisfactory”. It’s well below the low end of the lab range, which is 211, and it is documented clearly in the scientific literature that even levels between 211-450 are associated with neurological damage. I’d strongly advise you to find another doctor as soon as possible and begin treatment for B12 deficiency. Your doctor is either grossly misinformed or negligent.

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ariel says

Hello, I took the blood test 3 weeks ago and I have 250 of vitamin B. Doctor gave me vitamin B12 and another vitamin b complex. I took both and I started to have a terrible headache, I had in somnia and very sensitive to the light, also a bright yellow pi. In this case that vitamin b makes me feel so bad how can I do??? is there any o ther way to absor vitamin B without those symptoms??? Thank you!!!!!


Hi Chris, I get injected with B12 due to pernicious anemia and I read on here that they say in France that that can give higher odds of cancer. What is your understanding of these findings? Also what is the relationship with B12 deficiency and carcinoid tumors? I read they can sit for up to nine years undetected in three different sites in the gut and are deadly! I also saw something about 5-htp which people take as a natural anti-depressant being present in some of these tumors. Please let us know more on our risks and what to do to check!!! Thanks!


Thank you for reminding me about the eyes straight forward. Animals of prey do have eyes like that while animals preyed upon have them on the side. The things provided are old, 2003, and back in the 90’s and thank you for helping put this into perspective. Chris has provided this forum for us to share, learn and grow. Not fight, confuse, rant and bring speculative info. I have never gotten the answer to what plant B12 is derived from as there is none. I do not believe that there is a safe way to get it from bacteria. Meat does not provide us B12 by giving us bacteria, as was said. I am comfortable with Chris’ sources and not with the others.

So, moving on, I am still giving myself injections and I too, have neurological issues and frustration with getting my CIDP under control. I have a fear that I will just slowing lose all feeling in my extremities.

Does anyone on here have a diagnosis of CIDP as well as B12 issues?


Figure 2
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Determination of surface markers CD11b, CD16b, CD64, and CD66 before and after two different differentiation protocols (). Cells differentiated with DMSO or DMSO and IFNγ expressed significantly …

Figure 3
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() PLB-985 cells differentiated with DMSO and IFNγ effectively phagocytize opsonized with human immunoglobulin G (IgG). cells expressing roGFP2-Orp1 associate with the …

We then monitored the oxidation state of roGFP2-Orp1 in E. coli during phagocytosis. Thus, roGFP2-Orp1-expressing E. coli were co-incubated with differentiated neutrophil-like PLB-985 cells and the ratio of fluorescent intensity at 405/488 nm excitation was measured as readout of the probe’s oxidation state in a fluorescence plate reader. The oxidation state of the probe increased, when opsonized E. coli expressing roGFP2-Orp1 were incubated with neutrophil-like cells. The oxidation kinetic showed a gradual increase in the 405/488 nm ratio, as soon as E. coli was incubated with neutrophil-like PLB-985, reaching a plateau after 60 min of incubation and remaining stably oxidized until the end of the measurement (2 hr). In contrast, the probe was not oxidized when bacteria were incubated with medium or undifferentiated cells ( pleated straightleg trousers Black PT01 2QGRD2t
). When E. coli expressing Grx1-roGFP2 was cultured with neutrophil-like PLB-985 cells, the redox response of the probe was highly similar to the response observed with roGFP2-Orp1 ( Lily Belted Printed Slip Dress HVN 99DgBKb
), and we essentially observed the same oxidation kinetics with the unfused roGFP2 probe ( Figure 4C ).

Figure 4
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cells expressing roGFP2-Orp1 from a plasmid were incubated in a 96-well plate reader. The ratio of the fluorescence intensity at excitation wavelengths of 405 and 488 nm was calculated and …

The oxidation kinetics of the roGFP2-Orp1 probe in E. coli cultured with differentiated PLB-985 cells was not as fast as in an E. coli bacteria suspension that was directly exposed to high concentrations of H 2 O 2 (compare Figure 1J and Figure 4A ). We argued that this could mean that bacteria experience redox stress from the host cells only upon phagocytosis. To examine if phagocytosis indeed plays a role in probe oxidation in the E. coli cytoplasm, we blocked phagocytosis by treating the neutrophil-like cells with Cytochalasin D (CD). Cytochalasin D-pre-treated, differentiated PLB-985 cells did phagocytize opsonized E. coli less effectively than untreated, differentiated PLB-985 cells or cells treated with DMSO (vehicle control) ( Figure 5A ). To verify the effective blocking of phagocytosis, we used opsonized FITC-labeled Zymosan and tested the phagocytic capacity of Cytochalasin D-treated and untreated PLB-985 cells. In this case, we quenched the fluorescence of attached Zymosan particles, giving us a more exact readout of the phagocytic capacity. Zymosan phagocytosis was almost completely blocked in Cytochalasin D-treated neutrophil-like cells when compared to the control or cells pre-incubated with DMSO (vehicle control) ( Mens Uomo Snake a LowTop Sneakers Black Geox 05h7nxJB
). Having established the inhibition of phagocytosis, we tested the redox state of roGFP2-Orp1 in E. coli in the presence of differentiated, Cytochalasin D-treated PLB-985 cells. The 405/488 nm ratio of roGFP2-Orp1 did not change significantly over time ( Figure 5C ). Similarly, oxidation of the Grx1-roGFP2 fusion and unfused roGFP2 probe was phagocytosis-dependent ( Linda Farrow Woman Aviatorstyle Metal Sunglasses Gold Size Linda Farrow tRTjIs2Jk
) indicating that bacteria are exposed to reactive oxygen species only when internalized.


Subclassing ndarray is relatively simple, but it has some complications compared to other Python objects. On this page we explain the machinery that allows you to subclass ndarray, and the implications for implementing a subclass.

ndarrays and object creation

Subclassing ndarray is complicated by the fact that new instances of ndarray classes can come about in three different ways. These are:

The last two are characteristics of ndarrays - in order to support things like array slicing. The complications of subclassing ndarray are due to the mechanisms numpy has to support these latter two routes of instance creation.

View casting is the standard ndarray mechanism by which you take an ndarray of any subclass, and return a view of the array as another (specified) subclass:

New instances of an ndarray subclass can also come about by a very similar mechanism to Off Shoulder Mini Sundress with Flamenco Sleeves Black Asos 9HvjTTt
, when numpy finds it needs to create a new instance from a template instance. The most obvious place this has to happen is when you are taking slices of subclassed arrays. For example:

The slice is a view onto the original c_arr data. So, when we take a view from the ndarray, we return a new ndarray, of the same class, that points to the data in the original.

There are other points in the use of ndarrays where we need such views, such as copying arrays ( c_arr.copy() ), creating ufunc output arrays (see also Valentino Garavani Heroes embroidered sneakers Multicolour Valentino I3sybvCq
), and reducing methods (like c_arr.mean() .

Relationship of view casting and new-from-template

These paths both use the same machinery. We make the distinction here, because they result in different input to your methods. Specifically, View casting means you have created a new instance of your array type from any potential subclass of ndarray. Womens L6247 LowTop Trainer Rieker VvsuQcfp6T
means you have created a new instance of your class from a pre-existing instance, allowing you - for example - to copy across attributes that are particular to your subclass.

If we subclass ndarray, we need to deal not only with explicit construction of our array type, but also View casting or Womens ShantalPAPower Trousers Freequent p6MEbkWJ4D
. NumPy has the machinery to do this, and this machinery that makes subclassing slightly non-standard.

There are two aspects to the machinery that ndarray uses to support views and new-from-template in subclasses.

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